December 29, 2012

My really first bracelets

I have started to make bracelets once I understood that whatever I dress there is always nice bracelet missing ...
I do not know why but I always though that it will be really difficult to find some shop with all necessary materials but as always uncle Google was very helpful and indispensable.
I was really surprised how many e-shops there are and that actually you can buy whatever you need. The only negative thing is that I can't buy everything in one shop but purchase materials from several shops It is quite disturbing. My first order I was making for several days. I was watching websites, comparing different e-shop products and prices and sizes of materials. As I was starting I had to buy also all tools. I am always very excited about my new ideas so you can only imagine how happy I was when I received first pack.

This was my really first bracelet. Before receiving first parcel I was already practising plait on shoelaces founded at home.

I have bought several colours of cord but they were more intense than I expected. So I have made just three different colours, rest of them I do not think I will ever use. That is why I would like to have one local shop here so I can see everything, touch and than choose those that for me will be the best.

I have made another two colours. The red one ( actually it is more coral than red) is very nice, colour is really fancy this season and as nobody wanted it I kept it for me. I do put it sometimes.

The black one was made for my house mate. Was a special request and he loved it. Once was made he already put it on. He keeps wearing it.
Yellow is really nice. After New Year I should send it to my friend to Ireland. Will be really satisfied as it is really nice and plait is particular.

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